Yacht and Villa Carpet and Fabric Cleaning

Welcome to iClean. A full-service yacht carpet cleaning and fabric care company operating on the French and Italian rivieras. Our team of friendly experts are looking forward to maintaining your yacht or villa’s fabrics with the care and expertise gained with over ten years of experience.


Whilst wool is the most common carpet, these days, silk, synthetic silk, tencel and even bamboo carpets are becoming more common. These require extra care and attention to ensure the pile, look and feel is kept in good condition.


We can wet clean or use our extra powerful extractor to remove dead skin cells, dust mites and their excrement which would otherwise be breathed in whilst sleeping which can cause asthma and allergies. We also use UV light to kill bacteria.


We can clean those hard to remove items on-board in-situ using dry cleaning products and extraction. This is a good solution if you are pressed for time or only require items to be refreshed, meaning you can get on with your busy schedule.

Fabric care

It takes years to recognise the various fabrics and weaves that luxury yachts and villas have. Delicate silks, linens and cashmere are typical and mean they need specialist care and knowledge. With over ten years of experience iClean are experts you can trust to look after your fabrics.

Fabric Protection

After we have cleaned your fabrics why not protect them from future staining by applying our up to the minute stain repellent products to keep fabrics looking clean longer.

Deep Cleaning

Using specialist solutions, brand new machines and modern techniques, we can remove any stain with professionalism and efficiency, leaving your fabrics clean and fresh.

Dry cleaning

Some fabrics can only be dry cleaned and we can usually do these in-situ so you don’t have to send them out. This can be useful for hard to reach areas such as blinds and drapes.

Our brand new machines are super quiet at only 60 decibels and use the latest technology. We are constantly updating our knowledge with the very latest techniques and products so that we can bring you the best solution for your fabrics. Fully insured and able to work in all major ports, shipyards and marinas along the French and Italian rivieras from Marseille to Livorno and everywhere in between.


Superyacht crew can rely on the expert and professional cleaning services for all interior fabrics, from mattresses and curtains to carpets and upholstery. We also clean crew areas as well as guest areas with the same standard.


Superyachts and villas have sunbathing areas which also bring their own problems with staining from tanning lotions and drinks spills. After cleaning it is often a good idea to add a level of stain protection.

At anchor

For times when you cannot be in port we can come to you at anchor. Just send a tender and we are happy to work on-board to suit you and your time scale so you can be underway as soon as possible.

Sanitise your yacht or villa

You can now have your yacht or villa sanitised with the very latest system used in hospitals all over the world. PureSpace destroys bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. It is even effective in getting rid of the associated smells of mould and humidity. It leaves no residue so is safe to use on-board vessels with electronics and luxury fabrics and materials such as wood and marble. If you have had a case of covid on-board we can sanitise and issue a certificate of treatment afterwards.

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